RunWith:Team - Explore the Coastal Track

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We're going to "run" (possibly, walk, stumble, crawl) as a few casual groups through the Royal National Park from Otford to Bundeena. We will cater for most fitness levels with various groups and should be a great challenge for everyone involved. We will have a couple of support vehicles to help us out with food and water for the day. Huma Gel and Base Performance samples will be available for all on the day as well. Cool huh? 

For more info, please give the shop a call on 1300 300 060 or email - a brief outline of the day is below.

Groups - Pick your poison

We'll have three starting at different times, with the aim of running the last 6-8kms together. No one will get left behind and we'll have a few spots available in a support vehicle just in case... 

Group 1 - approx 6hrs - Guided by Bec

One group will start early with an expected finish time of roughly 6 hours. This group will run between 14-16kms of the trail, with hiking in between the parts you can run (for those of you that know the trail, it's a bit bumpy). 

Group 2 - approx 5hrs - Guided by Caroline

Will be roughly 5hrs to completion. They will run most of the way, at a relatively comfortable pace. Some walking of beaches etc may be in order to get everyone to the end in good spirits (the trail has been known to break some people menbtally, notable head coach Willie because he went out way too quickly and suffered the last 12kms)

Group 3 - approx 4hrs - Guided by Willie

Group 3 will be those kinda fit, mentally tough nuggets that want to run as much as possible. No stopping to walk beaches, probably not to many photo ops (leave your selfie stick at home) and more than likely a casualty or two with cramps (Willie will be heading this group, chances are he'll get a cramp - he's never not had one on this track).

Support/Sag Wagon/s

We'll have the opportunity for support along the way, with the first opportunity at Garie Beach Carpark (approx 1/3 of the way or 9km) and the second opportunity at Wattamolla approx 9kms further down the track. From Wattamolla it's about 10kms into Bundeena and the finish!


Otford is easiest to get to from Sutherland Station (or any train station really). Our start times will be reliant on the train timetable and will be anounced closer to the day (so we know about track works etc). Once finished in Bundeena I highly recomend the ferry back accross the water to Cronulla. I reckon I've done that trip over 50 times... Taking your shoes off on the wharf at Bundeena and cooling off your feet in the water is almost as big a part as completing the track!