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About our Founder - Willie

Willie grew up in Australia's (arguably) most successful sporting city - Wagga Wagga, with an older sister and two younger brothers. Willie was involved with Little Athletics and Hockey from a very very young age (he can't remember not doing those things) but knows it all started because he's competitive. Anything his older sister did, he wanted to do. 

Fast forward 25+ years and Willie is still involved in both sports, having had his competitive days cut short by injury and illness, Willie made the transition from elite athlete to coach, mentor and sports scientist. He loves everything from the shortest stuff (as a teen he was a 400/800m specialist) through to present day where he enjoys nothing more than the challenge of an Ultramarathon or Triathlon. Willie has been an elite competitor both on the Athletics Track, Junior Triathlon and Hockey pitch.

In 2016 post the sale of his IT business, Willie started thinking about how he could make a difference on a personal level with the knowledge and skills he possessed. Those things came down to coaching and mentoring either one of his two passions - hockey or running. Having spent three years coaching in Europe he made the decision to turn his efforts towards running.

After mystery shopping various running shops and groups around the world, he noticed a big gap in the Australian market and aimed to fill it. After a false start in late 2016, Willie started on his new journey in Feb, 2017. This lead him to where he's at now, with a rapidly growing, service-based running store - RunWith. RunWith is more than just another runners shop, we offer much, much more. 

Willie has the support of several industry professionals from Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Strength Coaches and various successful coaches and athletes he's met along the way. Willie's aim is to use as much of his contacts to help both himself and those around him learn, grow and develop.

Willie is back at Uni, working his way towards a sports science degree to help him gain a better understanding of human anatomy (specialising in biomechanics).

If you'd like to know more about Willie or his vision, he's more than happy to sit down and have a chat with anyone. Drop by the store and have a coffee (be warned, budget 90 minutes because Willie can talk underwater!) and come see what he's all about and where he see's RunWith moving towards both in the short and long term. 

Contact Willie - willie@runwith.com.au or 0484 94 2222